Crystal Healing Beginners Toolkit

Whether you are learning to help heal others with crystals or just yourself, these are some really great crystals to begin working with. These crystals have so many properties and cover quite a few things.

Selenite or Clear Quartz wand - for sensing and directing energy

Clear Quartz pendulum - for sensing and directing energy

Double terminated Clear Quartz points - for directing energy between chakras or energy centers

Amethyst- for connecting with your spirituality and higher self, meditation, homesickness, and weight loss/eating habits

Selenite - opening the crown chakra, enhancing spirit contact, aligning the chakras and energy body

Lepidolite - letting go of the past, balancing emotional extremes

Hematite - for grounding and counteracting spaciness and confusion

Smokey Quartz - learning to love physical life, releasing resistance to life, transmuting negativity

Blue Calcite - emotionally soothing, helps with meditation and astral travel, connecting to guides, dreaming

Carnelian - feeling powerful, passionate, and confident. Taking steps toward your goals

Citrine- for accessing your personal power and learning how to manifest your reality the way that you would like to experience it, clearing energies

Rose Quartz- for gently healing childhood issues and emotional trauma, allowing love to enter your life, renewed youth and beauty


Are there any types of Wicca that do not require open nudity? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes.As a matter of fact it depends with what you are most comfortable.I personally don’t do that and think its kinda stupid to be nude while doing a rite or something else connected to magick.But there are people who still do that.





Over your cup of tea, move your hand in a clockwise direction 3 times and say:

"I am the tool you are the fire
fill this cup with all I desire.”

Swirl the tea in the cup and drink it.This should give you a boost in magic and also this is a excellent way to gain more magical experience

Ooo I love this

Basic magick pt.9 Candle reading

The smoke of a candle

-Apply when interpreting the direction your candles smoke takes

North:You will have to work for what you want.Success will not be easy or rapid.Perseverance is the key here.In the case of health,it can mean a condition can get worse.Look to others-omens for more information.

East:Success comes with thought and strategy.Carefully review the situation.Patience is the key here.

South:Success comes rapidly with your request.In the case of health,your recovery is going well.

West:When the smoke wafts to the West,the issue is too emotional.Step back,you are too involved.Look at the situation from a detached point of view to clear the mind.Then reanalyze the problem.Is there something you are missing?

-If the smoke wafts towards you,then your prayer is acknowledged.

-If the smoke blows in the direction away from you,it is a definite sign that you still need perseverance in order to obtain your desire.

-If the smoke turns towards your left,then you are becoming too emotionally involved with the situation you are praying for and in danger of subconsciously sabotaging your own spell so that it will not be answered.

The talking candle

Candle chatter demotes communication on some level.That level will depend on the magick you are performing.Chatter is most common when using figure candles and can demote who is getting told what and by whom.

Soft,infrequent chatter: Indicates intimate conversation and,at times,pure thoughts.

Mild,frequent chatter: Someone in a position of authority is giving orders or directions.

Strong,frequent chatter: Demote arguments,quarrels or loud disagreement.

What if the candle flame crackles?

At times you will hear crackling sounds as the candles are burning.This is taken that the spirit is pleading your case on your behalf.The stronger the crackling sound,the stronger the opposition is against you.

-If the candle is for self protection and the flame makes a crackling noise,it means that someone is talking about you and has bad intentions directed towards you.

-If its being used to hurt an individual,this means that that person is thinking about you.

-If the candle flickers it signifies the presence of spirits.

-If the entire top of the candle including the wick is on fire,it means that the spell is being fought off by guardian spirits,but more likely,the spell will be successful.

What if the candle flame goes out in the middle of a spell?

-If the spell is for self protection,it means that while you were performing the spell,witchcraft was directed your way and your spirits were unable to fight it off.

-If the spell was directed toward another individual,their spirits were able to fight the attack off and has alarmed the individual.Another type of spell must be performed.

What if i extinguished a candle and it later turned itself back on?

-This means that your guardian angel,spirits do not want you to turn the candle off because they are detecting something good or bad for you.At any rate,if the candle is turned off they can not assist you effectively.

-A jumping flame can indicate spiritual warfare on your behalf.A lot os raw energy and power is working.If the candle is a war candle then the person who’s name is attached to the candle is fighting.

What if the seven days candle burns out before seven days?

-If a seven days candle burns out before seven days,this means that the spell is working fast and another must be lighted immediately.In the case of prosperity spells,this means money.In the case of reverse spells,this means that there is a lot of negativity around you.In the case of spell harm,this means that the individuals spirit is fighting it off,but the spell will soon be effective.

What if the candle only burns on one side?

-This means that the spell will only be part way effective.This can also mean that the wrong type of candle dressing was used.

What if the candle burns the bottom half of the glass black?

-If the candle is for prosperity,protection or luck,negativity was sent your way and the candle detected it.

-If the candle was being used to harm or dominate another individual,the spirit of the individual was alarmed and has reversed the spell.It would be almost impossible to start another work of any type once the individual knows and has protection.

What if the glass cracks?

(Indicates that someone is working against you or that evil against you is broken)

-If the candle is used for self protection,this means that the candle broke the negativity in the environment.This can also mean witchcraft or the presence of secret enemies.

-If the candle is being used to dominate an individual,it means that the protection of this individual was broken.

When you first light a candle:

-If it emits black smoke,it is a sign that it is beginning to remove negative energy from your desire.

-If the smoke is white,then your prayer will be answered,but there might be some struggles to obtain your desire.

-If there’s a strong flame,its a good indication the candle is working by sending out a lot of power and energy to bring about a manifestation of your prayer.This is a sign that the candle is working rapidly.

-If there’s a weak or low flame it indicates that the candle is working very slowly to remove an obstacle or to bring in a positive vibration to your prayer or spell.You are facing some heavy opposition to having the request granted.It is an indication that you will have to pray a little longer time before your desire is granted.

-I hope this helps and clears some stuff for all of you ;3 I tried to make it simple and short (:

-Blessed all be!


Basic magick pt.8 Candle magick

Candle Magick
Candle burning is one of most simple forms of magic.It can be performed most anywhere and candles are really easy to purchase. The basic principles are to concentrate, visualize and focusing (willpower) on the candle as a symbol. 
Candle magic can be used for overcoming bad habits, attracting things, settling disturbing atmospheres, protection, regaining health, developing psychic powers, etc… 

Basic Preparations 

To start you should cleanse your space,relax,have a positive state of mind.Choose new, unused candles, and do not use the ones you choose for any other purpose. 
Make sure your space is quiet, except if you want to use soft music. It’s a good thing not to eat or engage in sexual activity before any magic ritual. A “cleansing” bath is also a good thing before. 
Give the candle some of your personal vibrations. This will give the wax your thoughts, desires and life-force. You can also use an essential oil on the candle. The energy from your hands will pass into the wax. Always start rubbing the oil from the top to the bottom when anointing a candle. Then go from bottom up to the center of the candle. While you are oiling the candle think about what you want to accomplish. Visualize success and see your desires accomplished. 

Candles and Colour 

Colour is very important in candle magic. Colour has subtle influences and each one vibrates at a different frequency. Because of the different effects of colour on the human psyche and the surrounding environment, different colored candles are used for different magical end-results. These colours and their vibrations are also closely linked with the cosmic forces which are personified by the Planetary Angels. Each colour in the spectrum is connected with the astrological signs of the Zodiac and their planetary rulers. Below I have listed the main colours used in candle magic together with their magical significance’s and the influences of each astrological sign. 

White represents purity, spirituality and peace. In some cultures it is the colour of death and mourning. 

Red symbolizes health, energy, strength, sexual virility, courage and the masculine principle in Nature. 

Pink is associated with romantic love, affection and friendship. 

Yellow is the colour of the intellect, the powers of the creative imagination, memory, communication and mental agility. 

Green equals abundance, fertility, good luck and harmony. 

Blue is the colour of healing, truth, inspiration, higher wisdom, occult power and psychic protection, understanding, good health and the feminine principle in Nature. 

Purple symbolizes success in financial affairs, psychic ability of a highly-developed form, idealism and spiritual power. 

Gold attracts positive influences and it’s connected with justice and career matters. 

Silver represents clairvoyance, astral energies and channelling, also the faculty of far memory and remembering past lives. 

White & Black can replace all the other colours.

Basic magick pt.7 Wheel of the year


Wheel of the year:

Yule/Winter Solstice

approximately Dec. 21

Theme: First day of Winter; Rebirth; Stillness

Type: Solstice/Solar Holiday; longest night of the Year

Night and darkness have reached their apex and the Wheel turns to restore balance. The dawn heralds the return of the sun, bringer of light, warmth, and growth. In the days following Yule, the sun?s power grows steadily, encroaching upon the night, pushing back the darkness.

The Yule tree (recognized in modern times as the ?Christmas tree?) is an ancient symbol of life, fertility and vitality. Even in the dead of Winter, the Yule tree is evergreen … a reminder of the life-force of Nature. Trees are brought into the house and decked with lights to celebrate Life and the returning of light after the darkest night.


Yule is also a celebration of dawning potentiality. As darkness gives way to light, the Earth lies sleeping. To us, the Earth appears dead, dormant, but deep within her soil lies the slumbering seed awaiting the power of the newborn sun to activate its growth. At Yule, we look within ourselves for the sleeping seeds, and identify the situations, blessings, activities we would like to germinate and grow in the coming year. We honor the need for the regenerative stillness, the rest before the energetic growth of springtime. Yule is a time of transformation and rebirth. Rituals and personal healing work centered around rebirthing are customary at this time.


Imbolc (Candlemas)

February 1 (beginning at sundown)

Theme: Quickening, Purification; Preparation; Initiation

Type: Seasonal Holiday ~ 1st Spring Festival

Imbolc is a time of quickening. The Earth begins to stir from her long winter slumber. We sense the rising of sap in the trees, the awakening of seeds deep in the soil and the promise of the coming Spring. The seeds of personal growth, which slept within us at Yule, begin to germinate.

This holiday is a traditional time for initiations and dedicating oneself to new levels of spiritual exploration & commitment. Initiations and dedications are transformational ceremonies, which quicken new growth and invite our spirit allies to support us in in the next phase of our evolutionary journey.

Imbolc is a sacred feast of the great Celtic Goddess Brighid. In honor of the growing light (and of the Brighid’s perpetual flame) it is customary to burn candles to celebrate this feast. This is a traditional time for candlemaking; an ideal time to make &/or bless candles to be used for sacred work throughout the year. On Imbolc night, people divine for insight about the direction of spiritual exploration and work for the coming year.


Ostara/Spring Equinox

approximately March 21st

Theme: First day of Spring; Emergence; Fertility; Balance

Type: Equinox/Solar Holiday; balance of night & day

Ostara marks the first day of Spring. It is a celebration of the awakening of the Earth. All around us, the Earth reveals her vitality … in the soft haze of first greening, in the swelling of buds, in the song of the robin. The seeds within the soil have sprouted and are pushing out into the sunlight. Likewise, within us it is time for the seeds we have nurtured since Yule to come into the light and begin to flourish. It is a time of new beginnings, the freshness of dawn. The Earth is young again and so are we. In the Greek myth, Persephone returns from the Underworld to be welcomed in joy by her mother Demeter, who decks the world in Springtime as a celebration. Now is an time for planting or for decking your home or altar with flowers. Many people bless the seeds for their gardens on this day.

Ostara is a fertility feast, both summoning and celebrating fertility. It is traditional to dye or paint eggs on this day. The egg is an ancient symbol of fertility and possibility. Eggs are often painted with symbols, images or colors to magickally evoke qualities or events which we desire in our lives. This, of course, has become a custom associated with Easter, but its origins reach far back into the indigenous traditions of Europe.

It is a time to embrace both the light and the darkness, to acknowledge the dualities within ourselves, to bring polarities into balance, and honor the balance in all things.

Traditionally, bonfires were lit on this night and cattle were driven between the fires to purify them and promote fertility. People leaped over the flames for fertility and good luck.

Ostara takes it?s name from the Teutonic Goddess Eostre or Ostre, whose name is also the origin of the Christian holiday Easter. Ostre was traditionally honored on this day, but it is appropriate to honor the Divine Feminine in all her maiden forms.


Beltane (May Day)

April 30 (beginning at sundown)

Theme: Growth; Fertility; Passion; Creativity

Type: Seasonal Holiday ~ Final Spring Festival

Beltane is the last of three Spring festivals, a celebration of Spring in its fullest expression. At this time, the Earth pulses with the energies of growth and vitality. Fertility and life are all around us. The vitality and passion of Beltane expresses itself through the flowering and pollination of plants, the fertility of animals and the loving sexual embrace of human beings. Traditionally this was a time for blessing fields and animals for fertility and abundance.

Through these rites the passion of the Earth is made manifest and the fertility of the Earth is stimulated. Beltane is still a popular time for handfastings (a non-legal bonding ceremony) or marriages.


Irrepressibly, the creative imperative bursts forth into new forms and expression. We can ride Earth’s passionate wave, tapping into this powerful surge of creative energy.Joy, celebration and creativity are the hallmarks of Beltane.It is not a time for deep contemplation or meditation, but rather a time to be immediately and passionately present in the moment as we dance with the energy and rhythms of the Earth, and celebrate life and growth in all its forms — within and without. At this time of year, we can energize projects and new life directions and honor the growing fullness of our lives. 


Midsummer/Summer Solstice

approximately June 21st

Theme: First day of Summer; Fruition; the Sun’s Power

Type: Solstice/Solar Holiday; longest day of the Year

Midsummer is the counter-point to Yule on the Wheel of the Year. It is the longest day — the triumph of the light half of the Year. When the sun has reaches its peak, the Wheel turns to restore balance. In the days that follow, the nights will grow longer and longer, the sun?s power slowly waning. Traditionally, the ancient Celts set wheels on fire (to symbolize the sun) and rolled them down the hillsides to celebrate the power of light and recognize the imminent decline of the sun. Bonfires were lighted and jumped and the ashes scattered on the fields to bless and fertilize them.

Despite the name, Midsummer actually marks the first day of Summer. It is a time of ripeness and fullness. Summer is in full bloom and the Earth is alive with abundance and the promise of the harvest to come. The energetic, passionate dance of Beltane has deepened to a rich, deep pulse… the promise of fertility maturing into abundance. Yet the knowledge that tomorrow the sun begins to wane reminds us that all things fade … that change is inevitable … that Nature demands balance. Here in the height of Summer, we do not mourn the passing of things, but celebrate the the fullness of our experiences.

Midsummer has long been associated with magick, bright mystery and faery realms. It is a time when the veils between the human world and the Land of Faery may be easily parted. This is a night to leave offerings of milk and bread for the Fairy Folk to honor their blessed presence in our world and promote harmony. Midsummer is a good time for magickal workings and journeying between the worlds.



July 31 (beginning at sundown)

Theme: First Harvest; Releasing; Skill; Accomplishments

Type: Seasonal Holiday ~ 1st Harvest Festival


Lammas celebrates the first harvesting of crops, the first of three harvest festivals. At this time the energies of the Earth begin to decline. Growth ebbs to completion; life loosens its passionate hold and prepares to yield up its fruits. The Earth is beginning the process of letting go, moving inexhorably toward darkness and Winter.


Corn and grains are of particular significance at this holiday. Traditionally, the newly harvested grain is made into bread to be shared with all in celebration. (The word ?Lammas? is an Old English word meaning ?Loaf Mass?). It is traditional to fashion a corn dollie from the last stalks of grain to be harvested. It was believed that these stalks contained the ?Spirit of the Corn?. The bundle of grain is formed in the shape of a woman, the Harvest or Corn Mother. Traditionally, the corn dollie was hung first in the barn to preside over the threshing of the grain, and then in the farmhouse until the planting of the new grain in Spring. Today, the dollie is placed on the altar for the Mabon celebration and then hung in the house or on the front door until Imbolc when it is burned to release the “Spirit of the Corn” to bring life and growth once more.


The Irish name for this festival is Lughnasadh; it is a holiday sacred to the Irish God Lugh. Lugh is associated with the power of sun and light, and so fires were burned in honor of Him on this day. In addition to His associations with light, Lugh is a God of Skill and Craft, a master of all human skills. On this His feast day, it is particularly appropriate that we celebrate our own abilities, skills and accomplishments.


It is a time to ask ourselves: ?What are my talents? What are my skills? How do I express my creativity? How do I use my abilities to recraft my world … to add beauty …. color … richness? Whatever our talents or abilities, this is a time to recognize them and honor them, and to share our recognition of the talents and abilities of others around us. If you have had an interest or urge to develop a particular skill or creative expression, now might be the time to make a pledge or commitment to pursue your interest. By offering the fruits of our labors back to the Universe we enrich both ourselves and our world.


Mabon/Autumn Equinox

approx. Sept. 21

Theme: First day of Autumn; Harvest; Thanksgiving

Type: Equinox/Solar Holiday; balance of day & night


Mabon is the counter-point to Ostara on the Wheel of the Year. It is the first day of Autumn and the second of three harvest festivals. At Mabon, the harvest is at its fullest. This is a time for of celebrating the bounty that flows to us from the generosity of Earth and Spirit. It is traditional to reflect on the many blessings in our lives. Gather with friends and family to give thanks with feasting and celebration. Through the power of appreciation and gratitude we open our our hearts and our beings to the flow of abundance on all levels.


Mabon is also a bittersweet time when the abundant Earth is pouring forth her harvest and yet Summer is fading into Autumn and signs of the dying year are all around us. Night and day are once more in equilibrium, but now light gives way to the ascendancy of darkness, and the coming of Winter. We are entering the still and introspective part of the year. Here we are invited to take stock of our lives and give thanks for all the experiences, both the joyful and the challenging, which have taught and enriched us in the past year. This honoring of all facets of our lives prepares us for Samhain when we will release those aspects of our lives which no longer serve us.


From Mabon to Ostara, we are drawn inward … to quiet contemplation, to exploration of deep mysteries found in silence and in darkness, to laying the groundwork for future transformation and growth.


Samhain (Halloween)

October 31

Theme: New Year; Honoring the Ancestors; Letting Go

Type: Seasonal Holiday ~ Final Harvest Holiday


Samhain celebrates the final harvest. With the end of the harvest, the last yields of Summer give way to the coming Winter. Samhain reminds us that all things pass away in time. Just as the leaves fade and fall from the trees, so we must allow for loss and passages in our lives. This is a time to celebrate all the aspects of our lives that are dropping away from us … the relationships, the situations, the pain, the emotions, the old identities that once served us … are now passing away to make room for new growth. Samhain is an ideal time for releasing old habits and conditions in our lives that are constricting our growth and progress. Honor the lessons and experiences these situations have brought you, then bring these energies to a sacred fire and bid them farewell.


For the ancient Celts, Samhain marked the end of the old year and the start of the new. More accurately, Samhain is a space between the years — the old year is dead and the new year has not yet begun. It is a time out of time … a space outside of the natural order. As such, it is a time when the division between dimensions or levels of reality are thinnest. This division is referred to as ?the veil between the worlds?. Because intuition is heighted by this thinning of the veils, Samhain is an excellent time for reading tarot cards, scrying, dreamwork, and other forms of divination.


Samhain is also known as the Feast of the Dead. At this time, ancestors and departed friends are honored. Memories and stories are shared and it is customary to set out extra places at supper for departed loved ones. Since the veil between the worlds is thinnest on this night, it is believed to be the best time for dead souls to make contact with the living. People sometimes use this time to commune with those on the other side. This should be done in a spirit of love for the highest good of all. Invite the luminous spirits of the ancestors to join you on this night, and offer prayers for the souls of departed loved ones for healing and blessings on their journey
I have a really kind of unique situation/question that I'm pretty sure won't fit in the character limit for this ask box... is there any way I could email one of you guys or do you have a facebook I could send a message to or something? (I don't want to be a pest, but I really need some help with this. :P) — Asked by capt-steverogerss

Depends what you need help with (: my email is feel free to msg me if you need any help…ooor just msg me here on tumblr (:


Basic magick pt.6 Magickal tools (:


before using any of the tools u have to clean the tools.Every tool/candle u use for magic cant be used again if its not for a magic purpose.U cant lit the candles u used for a spell or magic if ur not going to use it for a spell after u lit it.Because they have its energy after doing a spell with them.

As you collect each tool,you can prepare it for ritual.If old,it should be stripped of all associations and energies;you don`t know who owned the tool,not to what purpose it may have been used.

To begin with this process,clean the tool physically using the appropriate method.When the object is clean and dry,bury it(in th earth or a bowl full of sand or salt) for few days,allowing the energies to disperse.

An alternative method consists of plunging the tool into the sea,river,or lake or even your own bathtub after purifying the water by adding a few pinches of salt.

Dont ruin a good piece of wood by wetting it etc .Use the most appropriate method for each tool.

After a few days,dig up the tool,wipe it clean,and it is ready for a few hours,then dry it.If desired,repeat until the tool is clean.refreshed,new. (:


The ritual knife, or Athame, is one of the prime Wicca altar tools. (It is pronounced AH-tha-may or ah-THAW-may.)Traditionally black-handled, the Athame lives in the East, the direction that represents mind, thought, and choice. An Athame doesn’t have to be metal. You can find ones made out of wood or carved stone, if you prefer. It’s not used as a physical knife, anyway, but a symbolic one. Athame holds yang [god] energy. Athame are used to direct energy, typically in casting ritual Circles and recalling them. They may also be used to cut energetic ties. Ordinarily, an Athame is not used to cut anything on the physical plane.


The Wiccan chalice is one of the most important altar tools. It signifies the Mother Goddess. As such, it is a “yin” altar tool. Some people like very fancy bejewelled cups for their altar chalice, but this is not necessary. A cup or wine-type glass of any material will do, or even a bowl. Something that holds water and, ideally, is round or curvy is good. Silver is always nice for Goddess tools - a silver chalice is a perfect Wiccan chalice. The altar chalice is placed in the West, the direction of Water and the yinnest of the yin. The Wiccan chalice is used for ceremonial drink, offering libations to the Divine, or holding the salt-water solution.

Stones or Crystals

For the Earth element, in the North, stones and sometimes crystals are used. These bring in Earth energy, which helps with grounding (except perhaps for quartz crystals). Gem stones also carry certain energies which can be invoked by having them on your altar. (Another option is to have elements of nature such as plants or animals represent Earth.)

Wand :

The wand is like a portable, handy version of a broom. There is a theory that originally one instrument performed all the purposes served by the two today. A wand can be made of any natural material. Wood is traditional. Since all woods have unique Powers, you may like to choose the wood to suit your particular needs. Wands can be used for divination and channelling magical energy. They can be used to cast and recall circles, in place of the Athame. The magical wand goes in the South, for the power of will, Magick, and transformation. It also represents yang, or god, energy.


A broom is not necessarily classified among altar tools, but it is indispensable for energetically cleansing sacred space. While handy to keep nearby, brooms are usually too unwieldy to put atop an altar.


Traditionally cast iron, a cauldron is like a 3-legged rounded cooking pot. You can get them in sizes from huge to tiny.Cauldrons are handy items for burning things, like incense and herbs. This is one of the reasons it is one of the most common altar tools. Put an incense charcoal in the bottom, and sprinkle the herbs and powders onto it for very pagan incense. (Caution is required when burning anything, of course. Cast iron on legs, if made properly, will keep the heat from the surface it’s standing on, but check to make sure. Also be aware of anything flammable nearby or above the cauldron - particularly sleeves and hair!)Cauldrons can also be used to hold “witches’ brews,” that is, magickal spells in liquid form. These range from simple salt-water purifications to complex spells

Altar Cloth

An altar cloth is optional, but useful. By choosing one with an appropriate colour or design, you set the stage for the energy of your altar. It’s also handing on a pragmatic level. It keeps dripping wax from marring your altar top. And since dripping candles are a hazard common to all witches, you may want to choose a cloth that isn’t too hard to remove wax from. Or so expensive you’ll cry if it gets ruined.



Basic magick pt.5 PSI balls(energy sending)


Energy flow:

First a little knowledge. Building a psi ball is simply a matter of pulling energy and compressing it into a ball shape. Actually, a psi ball does not have to be in the shape of a ball. It can be oval, square, a pyramid or any other shape your mind can hold an image of.The energy you compress into your psi ball SHOULD NOT COME FROM YOU. You should always pull energy from the universal supply, not from yourself. If you start feeling drained, then you are pulling energy from yourself.U make PSI balls to send someone energy to make them feel better, so they wont feel tired etc.

 How to make a PSI Ball

PSI is a form of energy and making PSI balls is nothing more than making a ball of energy.You are in reality molding psi energy with your mind and hands to form the psi balls into a round shape. The vast majority of the time people call them psi balls; however, you can construct them into the shape of a psi square or a psi brick or any other shape you may choose. To start to make a PSI ball, you want to first get your hands attuned to feeling energy. This is easily accomplished by holding your hands in front of you, almost like you are praying.

Then lightly rub your palms together to create a small amount of heat. Feel the sensation of that heat in your palms. Now move your hands apart slightly. Just a half inch will do. You will notice there is a slight difference in the feeling of the heat in your palms. If it so happens that you have lost the feeling of the heat completely, just take a moment to rub your palms together again. Once you know what that heat energy feels like with your hands a half inch apart, move your hands about 2 inches apart. The feel of the energy should change but you should still be able to feel the energy.

Now slowly move your hands closer together and feel how the energy changes. It may take a few tries of moving your hands closer and further apart in a sort of bouncing motion. Moving them just an inch or two at a time but not to the point of actually touching. Eventually, you will realize that the energy between your hands is starting to compress. Continue to bounce your hands as written above.

After a while, the energy will begin to feel like a ball between your hands and you may have to pull them a little further apart to allow the energy to build. Basically what you are doing is as you are pulling your hand apart, energy flows between your hands. As you push your hands together, you are compressing the energy. All the while you are compressing the energy between your hands, keep your concentration on your hands and the energy between them.I will explain it to u later how to send energy to someone when u are ready for that (:

-After alot of exercise u will be able to send energy only by thinking of the person u want to send energy to (:


Basick magick pt.4 Elements



Some people believe in 4 elements (which are air, fire, water, earth) where some people believe in 5 elements (air, fire, water, earth and spirit )  it is up to you what you believe .

Lets begin:



Represents north

Meaning: material abundance, fertility, work, money:

Season: winter

Tarot suit: pentacles

Astrological signs:  Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn

Alter symbols:

Flowers, herbs, earth, crystal, stone money

Color: green or brown


Represents east

Meaning: intellect, clarity of thought messages

Season: spring

Tarot: suit swords

Astrological signs: Aquarius /Libra Gemini

Altar symbols: feather empty bowl smoke of incense

Color: yellow



Represents south

Meaning: aspiration, intuition, creativity, change, sexual energy

Season: summer

Tarot: suit wands

Astrological signs: Leo/ Sagittarius/ arise

Alter symbols: burning candles incense, fire



Represent west

Meaning: emotions, love

Season: fall

Tarot suit cups

Astrological signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

Alter symbols: bowls or chalice of water, sea shells

Color: blue


Thanks Rei, following your answer, my guardian angel love to play with me as my stuff go missing then found at unthinkable places a lot. With Buddhist & Christian deities, I have bad experience with them, the times I prayed to them, bad things happened. I'm comfortable with the Norse pantheon now. So, would it be I'm not meant for the former two or...possible worse explanation ? — Asked by knightoflunareclipse

No problem (: Well maybe they aren’t the right deities for you to ask help from or to pray to.It just means they weren’t right for you or they were trying to put you on a right path letting you know that they are not the deities you should turn to.That is totally fine.

Everyone has they’re own path and some of us get a little push forward to recognize that we are on the wrong path basicly.I think its a good thing that they let you know that they are not the right ones for you.I’m glad you found something else that is more suitable for you (:

I don’t think there is a worse explanation,it’s probably you were on the wrong path and they wanted to let you know that.Which is not helping you and ignoring you maybe or even doing something to make you stop praying to them.If you are happy now with your path then you were probably on a wrong path before and now you are on the right one.

You just have to ask yourself and be sure it feels right this time and let’s say comfortable (:


Beginner magick Pt. 3 Circle casting.

Circle casting:

Some people cast circle different,but you should find one that will suit you the best.I am only going to put a few of them done,and if none of these are to your liking then you should look on Google :) The first one is done with the elements *note I will speak more about the elements after circle casting* first you need to know were north, east ,south ,west are.Second you need 5 candles.Each for each element north= earth green candle east=air yellow candle south=fire red candle west= water blue candle and purple in the middle for spirit.I usually use 4 candles for each element.but u should find the one that fits to you the most. Now to begin casting the circle start with east and *note you can change what to say as everyone says something different when casting a circle what would work for them might not work for you so its better saying something you want to say as it would have more effect * for this I am just going to use an example because i work this way.

Let’s begin

First make sure u have everything u need on the floor where u are going to cast the circle.U have to take a bath/shower before doing it because it will relax u fully and u will be clean :P tho u cant be sexually active before doing a spell.Candles,BOS(Book of shadows),candle shuffer(u cant blow the candles because u will make ur wish go away and it will not come true when u do the spell) if u dont have a candle shuffer simply use a spoon and shuff the candles with it.

U have to do the meditation 15 mins before the spell so that u have a clear mind and grounding after meditateing.

Than put the candles in order east-north.East is the side where the sun goes up in the morning :P and north is the side where it goes down.U put your candles clockwise first air(east),fire(south),water(west) and earth(north) (if u are working with spirit u put the purple candle in the middle) and than visualize a big white circle that is surrounding you.note:make sure u dont step out of the circle in any way.or that someone else steps in.else way u might end up with a demon so i dont think thats what wish for :D

 Say: I welcome air to my circle then light the candle do this for all the candle in order east to south to west to north then the middle candle.

There your circle ^^

now u actually do a spell …ask ur god/goddess for help etc(ill talk about it later)

After u do the spell u thank ur goddess/god for theyre help and shuff the candles inside ur circle(u put certain candles for a certain spell inside ur circle infront of you) than u say Now i close this circle.

U than go anti clockwise and thank the element earth (I thank you earth) and shuff the candle,thank water,fire and air the same way.and there u go ^^

Another one is if you got an attic or basement you can draw a circle  with some chalk or something else  starting clockwise .You could also use salt to cast your circle.btw white candles can replace any candle and black ones too.note:if u want to know the circle casting with salt (u only use it if u dont have candles) ask me (: and i will explain it to you ^^

If u work with elements u have to use the coloured ones or if u dont have one colour npr fire…u can use a white candle.


Beginner magick vol.2 Visualization,Grounding-centring and meditation (:



Get into a state of relaxation. If you are completely relaxed after meditation, do this then. Either way you need to be able to focus and be totally relaxed. Now picture a place that remind you of the earth either someplace you know of, or something you make up . Now I want you to picture yourself there. Look everywhere.What does it look like? What colour is the sky? What rock/plants or life forms are there? Now spend some time getting to know your special place .

Grounding/ centring:

Grounding/centring are basically the ways to get rid of negative energy and to fill yourself will positive energy. I want you to get in to a comfortably position and close your eyes

Grounding: U do groundin exercise after meditation and before u are going to do a spell also centring is done after the spell.U might sometimes feel drained after you do a spell.Thats why u do centring.U fill ur body with energy again because u loose energy while doing a spell.(bigger spells that require casting a circle) also u may want to do it before any can help alot.

I want you to picture in your mind eye a white light coming from the earth up through your floor boards and attaching itself to your root chakra now imagine all of your negative energy going into the ground.

Centring: Picture in your mind’s eye a ball of white light above your head.Its the energy from the universe/god/goddess. Imagine the ball of light energy entering your body and filling every part of your body with energy.

Note:  you can change grounding/centring to how you like as different people use different methods but are all around the same in some aspects. 



Meditation is listening to your higher self, the inner self. Even to the god/goddess. If used properly meditation can open the door to individually growth or  personal advancement.

So how often should you meditate?

You should try to meditate at least once a day  to twice a day.The reason why is,you would receive more benefits than if you would do it once a week even if you can’t do it every day try to do it every second day . you should also try to do meditate around the same time every day cause it will help you get into the habit of it .

How long should you meditate for?

 You should meditate for around 15-30 at a time but it is complete up to you

The longer you have been doing meditation the easier it will be to meditate longer without falling asleep . Now I am going to talk about our mind.We have four states of mind and they are:

State Brain Frequency: Cycles Per Second (CPS): Associated With:

Beta 14-21 and higher Waking state, the 5 senses,

Perception of Time & Space

Alpha 7-14 Light sleep, meditation,

Intuition. No time & space limitation

Theta 4-7 Deeper sleep, meditation

Delta 0-4 Deep sleep, unconscious

When we’re meditating we enter alpha state were we can  program our  brain and help to

 •reduce stress

•positively influence your health

•mentally program yourself to change your attitudes

•kick bad habits

•practice creative visualization for goal setting

•enhance creativity and intuition

•help meet your spirit, animal guide or higher self 

•helps open your chakras (I will explain more when I talk about chakras )


The 3 Things You must do when u want to meditate:

1. First, you should practice your concentration.

Concentration is a basic skill. Concentrate on

 Breathing, visualisation or your chakras


2. Next, practice your imagination. We want you

To learn how to exaggerate your imagination,

Because you will be in a better position to Control your creative visualization.


3. Finally, you must practice coordinating your

Physiological relaxation with your mental

Relaxation. It is easy to go into a mental

Relaxation. But you must learn to let your body relax too. It

Takes a little longer for you to relax your body

Than it does for you to relax your mind.


Now I’m going to talk about meditate techniques. There are a lot of techniques but I am only going to list 3 if you want more you can always search Meditation in Google.

1. Concentration meditation 

Now to start you should find a comfortable position either sitting or lying down but preferable sitting as you will be more likely to fall asleep when lying down.Then close your eyes.For concentration you can pick a part of your body or your breathing. I am going to use breathing for this exercise.Clear your mind of any thoughts you’re having and focus on your breathing.Breathe in from your nose and out through your mouth.Now breathe in for 3 and hold for 3 then breathe out for 3 seconds. Keep on doing this for as long as you can. Think of nothing else apart from breathing. If your very good a Visualization you can visualize something and keep concentrating on the object you picked for as long as possible.


2. Visualization meditation

 If you have never visualize anything before then this exercise can be very usefull. Find an object you like. Once you find this object,look at that object and focus on every detail like: shape ,size, pattern, colour. Now once you think you got what your object looks like close your eyes and try to visualize the object you picked. If you fail try again until you have got it. You can try different objects that you think will be more difficult to visualize and try to see them if you get it.

3. Chakra meditation

Sit comfortable and start relaxing. We are going to work from your root chakra to you crown chakra.Do this for each charka starting with your root and finish with your crown.Imagine a closed eye were this chakra is ,imagine that your pulling open this charka and when its open you see the colour of this chakra slowly starting to spin, pulling energy from the universe.Move on to the next chakra. Once youve done all the chakra imagine them all coming together and going through your whole body.Once you are done,start by closing your chakra from crown to root by imagening them close.Once you are done all of them thats the end of the exercise.


Hi Rei, I know we all are busy. Thanks for taking your time to answer me. I first asked if some deities chose me because every buddhist prayer beads or buddhist necklace I received went missing or got broken very soon after I got them, soonest is 2 days and longest is 1 week. Then I ask about them being silent to make me seek them out etc — Asked by knightoflunareclipse

Hey (: No prob.It could be…Sometimes if stuff like that happens could be various of things.I dont know if you knew but sometimes even your guardian angel could be playing games on you.I myself experienced it many times before.

If its so leave the room you think the object is in after saying and asking them to return it to you.Wait as much as you need and come back in the room when youre ready and you will be able to see where the missing object is.Sometimes they will make it really obvious and place it on places catchable to your eye.

Also there could be something stopping you from it. Doesent mean necessary that something bad is stoping you.Try meditating on that question asking is that path the right one for you.Might be that you need to go through something first that youre ready for that path.Or simply its not the right path for you.If that doesent work,try refrazing the questions.


I'm not sure which path I'm following yet, but I am very much interested in learning about the Wiccan/Pagan beliefs, spells, magick, etc. I know there is tons to learn and I'm wondering if there are any websites you could recommend to get me started in gaining quick knowledge and understanding? I see a lot about fairies, cats, goddess, etc. Are these different types of witches or paths? Thank you! — Asked by Anonymous

I personally just call myself a Wiccan…I didnt take a certain path and only do 1 type of magick :D I like to research and try new stuff no matter if its only for certain wiccan paths.Im really open when it comes to that stuff if it works well for me no matter what paths spell or charm it is that im doing (:

Well i dont know any websites but i can mail you really good books that helped me progress when i was like you trying to study about it (: The books are for beginners,advanced magick and it contains a lot about herbology after and just spells in general…In first book everything is explained really good so if you are interested leave me your mail and ill mail it to you (:

Or as i started posting stuff about beginner magick,because we somewhat had quite a lot people asking about it.I will post each day about beginner magick and i will try to explain a lot about the subject i took.Each day something from the list that i posted (:

There are different types of Gods/Godessess,some people call faeries for help in magick,some feel connected to Greek gods,Egyptian,Dragons…there are a lot of different paths when it comes to magick,different ways and every one of the gods are different…Its just like i always say ;Trust your intuition,when it comes to that.

If you feel connected to a God/Godess thats great and you can start making a connection with them and start learning about them to understand them better.

Hope I helped at least a bit (: Blessed be!